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Welcome to Phia International

Phia International (formerly JCDC), is now a division of The Phia Group, LLC.  Phia International is a firm that, on behalf of clients domiciled outside the United States (U.S.), focuses on containing costs originating in the U.S.  We help the travel insurance industry uncover additional claim savings and avert unnecessary expenses. 


The Phia Group is the industry’s premier provider of cost containment services. 

  • More than 20 years of industry experience
  • More than 200 employees
  • Headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts
  • Eight Offices in the U.S and Canada 
  • 1,000+ industry clients (domestic and international)
  • Servicing third party administrators, insurance carriers, reinsurers, and brokers
  • Providing services to over 8M domestic lives

When dealing with claims in the U.S., you should work with that nation’s best cost containment expert – The Phia Group.

Why Phia International

Are you getting the most out of your U.S. cost-containment program? Are your costs increasing year after year with no end in sight, or perhaps fees are a concern? Have you ever considered managing U.S. cost-containment services in-house, but didn’t know where to start?

The Phia International team can help.  We believe that international carriers being called upon to pay high-dollar claims in the U.S. have a right to secure the best savings. It is our privilege to provide the services and tools necessary to deliver those savings.


Catastrophic Claims Negotiation

If you have a complex, catastrophic, and expensive claim in the U.S., you need an experienced claim review and a negotiation expert to minimize your exposure and maximize savings. Through the use of expert strategies and protected with a signed agreement, Phia International results are best-in-class, and reliable.

Here are some Phia International advantages:

  • Backed by The Phia Group – an organization considered by the American health benefits industry to be the leader in plan development and cost containment strategies
  • All negotiations performed by seasoned veteran negotiators and attorneys
  • Utilization of leading benchmarking and code editing tools
  • Clinical reviews and a network of leading Independent Review Organizations
  • Phia International has no direct relationships with PPOs or HMOs that may bind you to an unfavorable settlement; your claim and your interests are the only things that matter
  • Phia International has relationships with a host of local independent U.S. payers that may be able to assist in settlements with certain providers
  • Full transparency: Client receives full claim summary and report
  • 100% sign-off on settlements – payments are final, and accepted as compensation in full


Phia International is an expert in U.S. health insurance claims, which are much larger and significantly more complex than travel insurance claims. Phia International can help you get the best savings possible with a signed agreement via a transparent process, all for a fair rate.


Contact Phia International today at 781-535-5691 or phiainternational@phiagroup.com to refer a claim.


U.S. Cost-Containment Consulting

Though the U.S. healthcare system can appear dizzyingly complex, it is nonetheless a system like any other, with rules, subtleties, and policies. For those who know where to look, there exist resources and tools, along with best practices, which can be learned and leveraged over time.

Phia International has expertise in all facets of U.S. cost-containment which can help you in-source this important segment of your claims exposure. Phia International can also help you explore ways to capitalize on your existing resources while working to maximize the external options on the market today (PPO performance, claim editing, bill review, benchmarking, and beyond); all on your terms.

Lastly, vendor management can be difficult and so many offerings can all appear the same. Phia International can help with diagnosing vendor programs so that you can maximize every conceivable opportunity to improve your services and reduce costs, all while improving your industry knowledge.

All of this, backed by an organization that has for more than two decades dominated cost containment in the health benefits space; The Phia Group, LLC.

Contact Phia International today at 781-535-5691 or PhiaInternational@phiagroup.com to learn more.

Contact Info
U.S. Address (Corporate Office)
40 Pequot Way
Canton, MA 02021
Canada Address
69 Marjorie-Donald
Sherbrooke, Quebec
Tel. 781-535-5691
To start saving with Phia International, contact the Chief Revenue Officer of Phia International, Jason Davis, at 781-535-5691 or phiainternational@phiagroup.com
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